How Important Is It To Type Fast In 2024

Times are changing – this is a fact that simply cannot be ignored. Nearly everyone is working remotely these days, and chances are this is not going to be going away with COVID. On the contrary, as other jobs disappear, more and more offices will be shifting to a remote environment – both to cut costs and go green; there will more than likely be some pushback from large corporations that have already invested heavily into office real estate, but progress will drown them out.

What this typically means is, more and more people will be pouring into the industry as other location-dependent jobs evaporate, and you are going to want to be one step ahead of them – not only that but typing faster will allow you to complete your tasks faster, and that means you can browse on Reddit while your boss thinks you are working!

Just joking.

But everyone at the remote office will be extremely impressed, especially during video calls, when they see your freaky spider hands in action across the keyboard.

It is important to stay on edge – and that means practicing -preferably every single day. I like to take at least 10 writing tests throughout the day, unless I have been working on something else, of course. Any kind of typing is practice, and any practice will lead to improvement of your typing abilities.

Believe it or not, the type of keyboard you use is extremely important when it comes to typing quickly and effectively. Many people recommend mechanical keyboards, even to novices, but they tend to wear one out quickly despite being much more pleasant to work with – much like the typical typewriter.

It would behoove you to get a simple membrane or scissor-switch keyboard to practice typing on – though it will not feel as good; you will be surprised by how effective it is, and how decent it can feel despite being a bit cheaper.

Personally, I recommend the Logitech k380. It is a simple cheaper iteration of the Apple Magic Keyboard and meant to be used with a mac, but it works on both android and PC, as well as nearly every single Apple and Android product that supports Bluetooth. Not to mention, it’s incredibly portable being only a few millimeters thick. And for under 40$, who can complain?

This is going to be my forever keyboard – I mean, look at how fast I type on it! A definite improvement over the mechanical keyboards everyone will typically suggest you get. Well, I recommend otherwise, and I think anyone typing over 130 WPM will agree with me.

 However, if you are one of those people who would prefer a mechanical keyboard despite what you’ve read here today, here are the top 5 mechanical keyboards I would recommend for you to use to type fast in 2024 – note that not all of these are exactly brand new, but they’re considered the best in the market for a reason.

It is always nice to get your hands on the shiny new products, but sometimes it’s best to let others count eggs before you start counting eggs, if you catch my drift.

And without further ado, the top 5 recommended mechanical keyboards are:

  1. GK61
  2. ANNE PRO 2
  3. Razer Huntsman Mini
  4. Logitech G PRO
  5. Logitech G915 TKL

Obviously, getting a new keyboard will not turn you from a novice into a professional, but it is a good idea to find something you like early and stick with it – believe it or not, how used you are to a keyboard is usually more important than what kind of keyboard you are currently using.

I typed much faster with my mechanical keyboard when I got my latest membrane keyboard – but all it took was a week or two for that to change. The smaller form factor and the lower actuation point on the keys made for a rather noticeable difference in typing speed once I stopped making mistakes.

All this just goes to show that no matter how good you are or what kind of keyboard you have got, practice makes perfect, and you will not be getting very far without it; I realize practicing typing every day may not be realistic for some people, but even something as simple as typing on your phone can help!

Send your loved ones a message, check up on old friends. It is not like there is a lack of excuses to contact the people we know. i wish you all luck on your future typing journey!

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