Best Keyboards for Typing 2024

When it comes to choosing the best keyboards for typing in 2024, there are a few factors you’re going to want to take into consideration: will it be mechanical, scissor, laser-based, etc… I personally prefer mechanical keyboards for their responsiveness and the tactile feeling you get when you press down on one of the keys – it makes it feel like you’re using a typewriter! I quickly fell in love with that sensation, and I’m happily clacking away at a brisk 140 words per minute – otherwise known as WPM – with near 100% accuracy.

Obviously, it took a lot of practice to get where I currently stand, and the keyboard you choose won’t do all that work for you, though it can help. The general consensus is that the closer the keys are together, and the lower they are off the keyboard, meaning the lower the profile, determines how long it will take for you to deliver each keystroke. I am currently hovering at around 12 keystrokes pers second now, but that number was far lower when I was using a full-sized keyboard. Investing in a TKL – ten key less keyboard – was probably one of the best things I did. That, and it’s easier to carry around with you if you are a frequent traveler.

A lot of people have no idea how much they should spend, what features the keyboard they buy will deliver, or even where they should pick their product up; contrary to what others will try and sell you, I recommend the SK61 from Amazon. One of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available, and also one of the best.

Manufactured in hong-kong and built to last, this is easily one of the best keyboards I’ve ever owned – I even upgraded the keycaps for it! The customizability of this keyboard makes it out to be like a Swiss army knife; it’s a beautiful product I can’t see myself living without.

I think the reviews on this unit speak for themselves. I’m not making a profit by recommending this keyboard to you. I genuinely think it’s one of the best out there.

For those of you on an even tighter budget, there is one option that’s even less than half that price; it isn’t anywhere near as tactile or typewriter-esque, but it gets the job done.

This tiny Logitech keyboard is just as good as any full-sized keyboard I’ve used in my day. It’s definitely one of the best keyboards for typing in 2024.

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And check out this video review The Porty Gamer made on the Sk61! You get a good feel for what type of switch you’ll enjoy with your keyboard, which is an important decision to make when it comes to typing speed, enjoyability, and ergonomics.

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